One More Whale to Go

This has been a very whale-oriented week, as not only are we finishing the Orca for SSSC, but also working on assembling a replica skeleton of a Pygmy Sperm Whale for The Marine Mammal Center in Marin County, CA.

We were given a complete set of cast whale bones molded from a real skeleton, and asked to put them all in order and peg and articulate the pieces for display.


The skeleton (which is a duplicate of the exhibit already used by the educational staff at TMMC) will sit on framework that we custom fabricated out of aluminum, with each bone detachable so that visitors can learn about the whale’s unique anatomy (including an asymmetrical skull, which allows for the animal’s use of echolocation) by removing, examining, and replacing the bones.  The skeleton will be on display in TMMC‘s mobile Whale Bus program to educate students about marine mammals.

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